My Shoulders Hurt, But I Still Want to Bench. What Can I Do?

First, observe the nature of the pain. Some types of pain require treatment. On the other hand, if you have some experience lifting, you will recognize some type of pain simply as a little overuse. If the pain that you’re feeling is simply overuse, you might still be able to bench or at least perform some push-ups by using a reverse grip (grab the bar with the palms facing you). The reverse grip works because the shoulder is placed in external rotation, which completely changes the stress on the shoulder. From a muscular standpoint, the reverse grip switches the load to the triceps rather than the chest. A wide reverse grip will, in most cases, place too much stress on the wrist joint. Therefore, use a narrow reverse grip. For safety reasons, you should use a full grip with the thumbs wrapped around the bar and/or perform the exercise inside the power rack where you can use the safety pins. The reverse grip will automatically force you to reduce the load, which will also help your sore shoulder. Perform one set of 30 to 40 repetitions.



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