Feeder Workouts – The More You Can Train and Still Recover, the More You Will Grow.

A training session to build muscle is sometimes referred to as a “growth event” where the muscles are stimulated to grow. It’s generally accepted that the more often you can train and still recover, the more you’re going to grow. Many powerlifters and bodybuilders use feeder workouts, which are short workouts performed at various points during the day. How many feeder workouts you can do and what exercises you can do depends a lot on what you’re doing during the day. Also, you have to take into account that you’re not warmed up when you design and perform the feeder workout. Below are two examples of extremely brief (one to two minutes), very safe and highly effective feeder workouts. Choose one exercise and perform one of the following sets:

1: Isometric-eccentric contrast: Hold the top position of an exercise (for example, pull-ups) for maximum time. When you can’t hold the top position any longer, lower yourself as slowly as you can to the bottom position.

2. Eccentric-isometric contrast: Begin in the top position of an exercise and lower yourself as slowly as you can. When you reach the bottom position, hold for maximum time.

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