Newly reformulated ZEUS2.0 promises bigger gains and better results


GUELPH, ON (May 29, 2015) – After months of dedicated research and development, FUSION BODYBUILDING has announced the launch of ZEUS2.0 – an enhanced testosterone booster that increases muscle mass, strength and stamina during intense workouts. The highly anticipated ZEUS2.0 is based on the original ZEUS formula, with new ingredients to foster better results. 


“Our goal at FUSION BODYBUILDING has always been to bring bodybuilders the strongest supplements possible,” says Ryan Herniman, FUSION BODYBUILDING Co-President. “That’s why we’re always innovating and looking for new and effective ingredients. We saw an opportunity to improve the original ZEUS formula, and we seized it. We’re excited about this launch and know people are going to love the product.” 

ZEUS2.0 contains three unique ingredient complexes that work in tandem to provide maximum results – a testosterone-boosting complex, an energy-boosting complex and a special absorption-inhibitor complex. This helps ZEUS2.0 bind with muscle receptors, instantly changing the “operating instructions” of the muscle cells to support protein synthesis.

“The great thing about ZEUS2.0 is that it’s perfect for bodybuilders of all levels – from newbies, to hard gainers, to competitors,” continues Herniman. “Any one of these groups can benefit by having more muscle and strength.”  

Founded in 1998, FUSION BODYBUILDING is a Canadian company committed to bodybuilding science and research. Its unique portfolio of supplements is at the forefront of scientific development in muscle growth, fat loss, nutrition and health. 


Learn more about ZEUS2.0 here.

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