We all have a love hate relationship with this time of year. On the plus side all the festive temptation is behind us and we can get back to the business of being a bodybuilder. On the flip side, it’s time for the New Year Resolution Warriors to rear their heads. The gyms will be packed with people who won’t be there in a few months. Although this is frustrating to the hardcore we see it as an opportunity to introduce more people to our sport. So, don’t get frustrated and lets show the newbs how it’s done. And if you feel frustration building then try to pick a less busy time to go the gym instead of going postal on someone. Let the gains begin!

Kettlebell + Rope Training for Bodybuilding:

Is it possible to build muscle with “cardio?” Success in bodybuilding is a combination of muscle size, muscle definition and symmetry. A traditional (but not exclusive) approach to bodybuilding involves using resistance training to build muscle size and then using cardio to burn fat. This strategy is often tied into a bulking phase associated with resistance training, caloric excess and increase in muscle as well as fat mass. The bulking phase is followed by a cutting phase associated with more cardio, caloric deficit and a decrease in both muscle mass and fat mass.

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After a near career ending knee injury Jodi was able to successfully recover from surgery to take to the IFBB Pro stage once again in 2015. While not able to compete in the fitness category she was successful in the women’s physique division placing 2nd at the Vancouver Pro. She’ll be starting her prep shortly for the Toronto Pro and we can’t wait to see what package she brings.

Check out Jodi’s bio.

Jodi Boam photo

Back In Print.

Many years ago we pulled out of all the magazines in favour of online and event marketing. So much is changing so fast and Inside Fitness has done a great job of integrating all platforms, so….we’re back in the mags. You can see our first series of MINDSET and AMINOMANIA ads in this month’s Inside Fitness and Inside Fitness Woman. Check it out and let us know what you think!


New AMINOMANIA flavour launching soon.

We’ve been asking the FUSION FAM to guess what flavour of AMINOMANIA we’ll be releasing next and now it’s time to spill the beans. WATERMELON SPLASH will be launching soon and it tastes like candy and as the name implies has a jolt of flavour we think you’ll love.

It will be launching on soon!


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