The First Crush Cancer Fund Recipient.

The team at FUSION HQ believes in contributing to the community and that's why the Crush Cancer Fund was founded. 

A message from FUSION BODYBUILDING Co-President Adrian Burke.

September 25th.

Today was a great I met the Martel family; Marcie, Nora and Steve. Marcie is one of the strongest people I've met and is the first ever recipient of the Crush Cancer Fund. She is currently undergoing treatment for stage 4 breast cancer and sitting down with her was very enlightening. We talked about her treatments and the perception people have of those with cancer. What I learnt is this disease does not define is not who she is. She is a loving wife and mother, a teacher, an athlete and one hell of a great human being. I would like to thank the Martel family for being open to receiving these funds and sharing their story. It is very important to us to show where your donations are going and who they are helping. Thanks to the OPA for allowing us to host the FUSION BODYBUILDING CLASSIC and to all those people who followed and donated to the MINDSET TOUR. I promise we won't let you down and will keep working hard to continue building a community of kindness. Together we can help CRUSH CANCER! 

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