The ART of healing

As bodybuilders, we’re prone to muscle injuries, due to working out nearly every day, pushing ourselves to new numbers and progressively trying to better ourselves. With the constant progress we strive for, the body may not have time to recover to one hundred percent. This can lead to microtrauma or overuse injuries in the muscle, along with scar tissue adhesion.

Luckily, there’s a relatively new method to help combat overuse injuries: active release technique (ART). It’s a form of soft tissue massage (think muscle and tendons), and it addresses overtraining injuries. But does it have a place in a bodybuilder’s repertoire for aiding in recovery?


Even though the studies looking at ART are limited and done on a small scale, the results are in ART’s favour. It has been shown to increase flexibility and help with muscle strains. Even though the data is limited, it still can be considered a viable method to treat overuse injuries. Used with a proper rehabilitation program, ART can be used to help with recovery and restoring the body to its optimal performance.

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