Fat slows injury recovery

A new study looked at how being overweight – namely, having high body fat percentages or being obese – affected recovery time from knee injuries, something bodybuilders get frequently. It found that fatter people recovered much more slowly than their leaner counterparts.


You might not have needed more reasons to stay lean, but you can add yet another one to the list. Being overweight – or “bulking up” – can slow your recovery time from injury, ultimately keeping you out of the gym longer than needed. So keep it as lean as possible while still packing on the muscle. It’ll make it easier for you to build even more muscle while also letting you show it off and speeding your recovery from hard workouts!


Unver, B. et al. Effects of obesity on inpatient rehabilitation outcomes following total knee arthroplasty.Physiotherapy. 2008:94:198–203.

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