Phosphatidylserine works

Many supplement companies rely on hype to sell their products, so it’s easy for bodybuilders to get confused about what works and what doesn’t. Hype causes confusion about not only blockbuster ingredients such as creatine and nitric oxide but also old-school supplements making a comeback, such as phosphatidylserine (PtdSer). This phospholipid, found in soy protein, was used heavily by the old-school pros, who swore that it gave them great results. In recent times, it has been cast aside. But does it really work? Yes – without a doubt!

The evidence shows clearly that PtdSer increases your endurance and performance in the gym, stops your cortisol levels from skyrocketing following your workouts, reduces muscle soreness from hard training and speeds your recovery – and this means a bigger and stronger you.


Despite the hype that pervades the magazines and Internet, one thing is certain: Phosphatidylserine works big time to get you big and back in the iron battle faster than ever!


Kingsley M. Effects of phosphatidylserine supplementation on exercising humans. Sports Med. 2006;36(8):657-69.

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