Low thiamine means more harmful oxidants

Having low levels of thiamine, aka vitamin B1, can increase oxidative stress. Exercise increases the production and circulation of harmful oxidants that can damage your DNA, promote inflammation, slow recovery and potentially cause cancer. Naturally, these harmful oxidants make muscle growth impossible, so reducing oxidants must be your number one priority if you want serious muscle growth. And who doesn’t want that?

That’s why new research showing that thiamine deficiency increases oxidative damage underscores the need for bodybuilders to eat a solidly clean and well-balanced diet rich in thiamine and other oxidant eliminators.


You need thiamine to destroy the enemies of muscle – inflammation-promoting oxidants. This is best done by eating lean cuts of meat and as many bright-colored vegetables as you can put on your plate. Do this, and you’ll get your thiamine and ensure that you’re getting every ounce of the muscle for which you work hard.


Depeint F, Shangari N, Furrer R, Bruce WR, O’Brien PJ. Marginal thiamine deficiency increases oxidative markers in the plasma and selected tissues in F344 rats. Nutr Res. 2007:27:698–704.

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