Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Affects on Inflammatory

Bodybuilder’s use an array of supplements to help them in the gym, or getting them more jacked and maybe just for overall health. One of the essential supplements that many bodybuilders take is fish oil. Fish oil has been shown numerous times to promote heart health, help with one’s joints and may aid in preventing heart and stroke. Fish oils have also been shown to reduce inflammation, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

A recent study looked at what supplementing with an omega-3 fatty acids, which fish oil essential is, had on the soreness that occurs about a day after a workout (DOMS). With no surprise they found that supplementing with fish oil reduces inflammation. More importantly though, they acknowledge how this may affect one’s gains.

When we workout, we break down our muscles. The muscles then become inflamed and this is the key to new muscle growth. The inflamed muscle then starts the cascade of events that lead to new mass. Then with a reduced inflammation of the muscles, potentially the less new muscle.

What does this all mean for a bodybuilder looking to add size? We don’t exactly know yet, more research is needed to determine the proper balance for overall health, but it doesn’t interfere with our gains. To be safe though don’t avoid taking fish oils all together, just be conscience and try to not to take it too close to before or after training.


Tartibian, B., Maleko, B., H., & Abbasi, A. (2011). Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation attenuates inflammatory markers after eccentric exercise in untrained men. Clin J Sports Med, 21: 131-37)

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