Your buddy, bovine lactoferrin

Supplement makers are always looking for an edge, always looking for new ways to get your attention and your supplement dollars. In the past several years, some companies have stumbled upon bovine lactoferrin, a specialized protein found in cow’s milk that’s supposed to have antibacterial power. Bodybuilders have been skeptical, and it hasn’t really caught on. That may change, because new science shows that this stuff actually works – and works well!

A study has found that taking bovine lactoferrin orally can not only keep your immune system strong by killing opportunistic bacteria – like those that hang around in wait when you’re overtrained – but also protect your muscles by killing off harmful oxidants and free radicals that keep you inflamed and stunt your muscle growth.


It turns out that cow protein is good for you after all – and we’re not just talking about meat or milk. Bovine lactoferrin can keep you healthy, keep you training and, ultimately, keep you on the road to Muscletown!


Mulder AM, Connellan PA, Oliver CJ, Morris CA, Stevenson LM. Bovine lactoferrin supplementation supports immune and antioxidant status in healthy human males. Nutr Res. 2008 Sep;28(9):583-9.

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