Breakfast helps get you lean

When it’s time to show off your physique, you need to drop that concealing layer of fat. Getting lean doesn’t just come down to using the best supplements, however. It’s all about diet, and no meal is more important for ripping it up than breakfast. It not only starts you off right but also is a winner when it comes to your body mass index (BMI).

Recent research has examined the relationship between eating breakfast and BMI values by comparing the results of nine controlled studies on both children and adults. The researchers found a consistent correlation between eating breakfast and having lower BMI values. Those who didn’t eat breakfast had higher BMI values and higher overall percentages of body fat – something that bodybuilders will want to avoid.


Though many people skip it because of lack of time, breakfast not only gets you started and gives your body the nutrients it needs but also revs your metabolism into gear, giving you all-day calorie burning and preventing a slow metabolism and the resulting BMI increases and body fat gain.


Ashwell M, et al. Are people who regularly eat breakfast cereals slimmer than those who don’t? A systematic review of the evidence. British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition Bulletin. 2007;32:118-128.

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