Berries can keep you ripped

You're a bodybuilder, an iron warrior, a disciple of Arnold, so chances are that you want a big, strong, beyond ripped body with no ugly fat hiding all your hard work. If this is you, add one more thing to your “must do” list: eat fresh berries.

On the surface, berries don’t seem essential for bodybuilders; they’re low in protein and light on calories and they certainly won’t build muscle like a nice thick steak. But new evidence shows that fresh berries can stop you from getting fat – and not getting fat is always better than having to lose fat. Many berries contain special blue/purple/red pigments called anthocyanins that can help prevent obesity, even when you consume a relatively high-fat diet. Grape skins, blueberries, blackberries and purple corn are rich in these fat fighters, but other foods contain them as well.


Eat dark-coloured, fresh berries whenever possible. By doing so, you’ll not only benefit from their antioxidant effects but also keep the fat away.

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