Soy protein is good for men’s health

Soy protein has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to muscle building. For years, so-called experts have slammed soy protein as inferior to whey and egg proteins, and have warned us about soy protein being a “woman’s protein” because of its estrogenic potential. These experts warn that the potential estrogen activity of soy could crush muscle growth by negatively affecting testosterone production.

Now, however, research shows beyond any doubt that soy protein is effective for men, as it’s rich in isoflacones that increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol and lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, helping to keep your cardiovascular system and heart in good shape and dramatically reducing your chances of getting heart disease.


Don’t fear soy protein. Provided that you eat a diet rich in protein from whey, egg, milk and animal sources, soy protein will give you cardiovascular protection without any hormone-related side effects.


McVeigh BL, Dillingham BL, Lampe JW, Duncan AM. Effect of soy protein varying in isoflavone content on serum lipids in healthy young men. Am J Clin Nutr 2006;83:244-51.

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