Vitamin D and Its Connection to Testosterone

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that we don’t hear much about. It doesn’t help fight off colds, like vitamin C. Nor is it a great antioxidant, like vitamin E. But one of the benefits vitamin D may have is of great importance to men and women, and also bodybuilders.

Low vitamin D levels are linked to low levels of testosterone. Yes, you read that correctly. If you have low vitamin D levels, you’re more likely to have decreased testosterone. As most people know, testosterone is the hormone that’s key to promoting muscle growth. Vitamin D levels are also linked to the body’s ability to recover from a workout. This means that low vitamin D levels means you’re less likely to recover and you’re more susceptible to injury. As well, research is showing that the majority of athletes, bodybuilders included, have low vitamin D concentrations.

What does this mean to a bodybuilder then? Well, it’s fairly glaringly obvious: Supplement with vitamin D. It’ll help aid in recovery so you’re less likely to get injured. It also helps promote healthy testosterone levels, which then helps add muscle to your frame. So go stock up on vitamin D! It’s relatively cheap and it’ll do you good.


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