Flat feet can cause injury

Many bodybuilders have flat feet – poorly formed arches – and this can affect balance, weight distribution, spine health and, ultimately, your performance in the gym. Fact is, with flat feet, your balance is out of whack and your body isn’t correctly distributing weight to the muscles. Translation? Your muscles can’t handle the forces generated from your workout because of improper force distribution. You could get injured.

Researchers have reviewed the existing research and have found that by getting orthotics, you could notice dramatic results, with a massive decrease in your risk of getting injured. Here’s what the researchers said, in their own words: “Orthotics ... have moderate to large beneficial effects in treating and preventing plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial stress fractures, and small to moderate effects in treating patellofemoral pain syndrome.”


If you have flat feet, chances are you’re not working out as well as you could be, and your flat feet might even get you injured. So consider getting a checkup and, if you need them, getting orthotics to correct your balance. They’ll not only help make your workouts better but also help keep you in the gym and off the sidelines!


Hume P, Hopkins W, Rome K, Maulder P, Coyle G, Nigg B. Effectiveness of foot orthoses for treatment and prevention of lower limb injuries: a review. Sports Med. 2008;38(9):759-79.

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