Never say you’re too tired to train

Everyone gets tired – especially after a long, tough workout where you’ve given it your all to stimulate every last muscle fiber. After a tough workout, the best thing to do is rest, eat and recover so that you can grow stronger and bigger as fast as possible. But what happens when you’re just feeling beat and you can’t muster the energy to train? Some bodybuilding “experts” advise taking an extra rest day when you just don’t have the juice to hammer at the iron, in hopes of being able to hack it the next day. Makes sense, right? Wrong.

A study by scientists at the University of Georgia shows that when already-tired people do low-intensity exercise, their fatigue is not only reduced by an amazing 65 percent, but their overall positive energy levels increase by 20 percent. These findings totally destroy the idea that exercise will make you more tired if you’re already fatigued, or that you should wait to exercise until you’re 100 percent amped. And just remember: We’ve already proven that missing workouts will make you fat.


When you’re “tired,” do something. Most people feel tired because they’re really just bored – so get into the gym, and while you don’t have to train all-out at every session, even doing low-intensity exercise will get you focused and energized when it counts.


University of Georgia (2008, March 2). Low-intensity exercise reduces fatigue symptoms by 65 percent.

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