Just think of all those times when you’ve casually recommended FUSION products to your buddies at the gym, at work, or on your social media feeds. You didn’t think twice about it because when you genuinely believe in something, you can’t help but share. Now imagine turning your love of FUSION products into cold hard cash, incredible product discounts, and other rewards. Seems like a no-brainer, right? 


Here at FUSION, we’ve created an exciting new Affiliate Program and are looking for passionate people to join as founding members. If this is your kind of thing, hurry up and apply today. You’ll help us sell our products; we’ll reward you with loads of good stuff!

We have a feeling you’re the perfect person for the job. But just to be safe, make sure you’ve answered a solid YES to each of these questions:  


  • Do you live and breathe weight training, diet and supplements?
  • Would you rather binge train than binge watch TV? 
  • Are your cupboards overflowing with FUSION products and other supplements? 
  • If not, do you WANT them to be? 
  • Do you have a following on social media and other communication platforms? 
  • Do you post more times a day than you can count? 
  • Do you want to be PART OF THE TEAM FUSION?


The incentives speak for themselves…   


  • Product Discounts – Cheaper supplements, anyone?
  • FREE FUSION Products. 
  • Extra Money – Who doesn’t want that?  
  • Exposure – Let’s get you KNOWN.  
  • Camaraderie – All part of being on our team.  


  1. Apply here to be an Official FUSION Affiliate. You’ll never look back! 


  1. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive your own personal link to share with your network. You’ll want to blast this out to as many people as possible. When one of your contacts uses this link to purchase FUSION products, YOU will benefit. 


  1. As a Fusion Affiliate, you’ll also receive a special coupon code. Again, you’ll want to share this with as many contacts as possible. When this code gets used, you’ll earn a commission. It’s as simple and as sweet as that. Also, you can monetize the special promotions we run at FUSION HQ by offering our public discount offerings to your network.



The FUSION Affiliate Program is easy. The more you sell, the more you earn! Here’s how it all breaks down…  



What are you waiting for? Start raking in the benefits!