Mike Lynds

IFBB Pro Mens 212


Truro, NS, Canada

Truro, NS, Canada



34˝ (off-season), 30˝ (prep)





206 lb.

225-230 lb.

Contest History

2015 Phoenix Europa 11th (Mens 212)

2015 Vancouver Pro 4th (Mens 212)

2013 Toronto Pro 16th (Mens 212)

2012  CBBF Elite Championships 1st Heavy Weight and overall (awarded IFBB PRO CARD)

2011 CBBF Championships 5th Heavy Weight and Best Poser

2007 Atlantic Classic 1st Middle weight and overall and Best Poser

2007 NSABBA Championships 1st Middle weight and overall and best pose


The reason I started training is...
To actually put on weight to better my football career. I tried out for the CFL at the age of 24 (running back). Had talks but was told to put some weight on and go to NFL/ CFL camp next summer. When I returned home, I hit the gym, and it sparked my interest to compete again. Since then, I haven't looked back. It's the only sport where it's all on you and your hard work. You can't blame anyone but yourself. You do the eating, training and cardio. And if you don't it shows! 

The person I most wanted to be when I started was...
Kevin Levrone and Shawn Ray. Those 2 physiques and posing were in my mind flawless. 

The person I owe the most to is...
No question about it, is my wife. She has supported me and has been my rock through my career. She kept me going when times were tough and was my rock to lean on when I needed it. There's no doubt she deserves everything I can give her. 

The supplements I can't live without are...

The best thing about training is...
You can train to wipe out any bad mood your in. It's you and the iron, no one else and it's time for you to see just how much you can push yourself. How hard can you go, how much lactic acid pain can you train through. 

Two things I would change about competitions are...
Honestly not much. We all know what the sport is and how it works. You have to train to beat yourself and not worry about anyone/ anything else. Concentrate on what you can control. Your training and diet. No need to stress about anything else. 

My ultimate goal is...
To grace the Olympia stage. 

Years I’ve been training:  
I've been training since I was 23 and only bodybuilding since I was 25. So 12 years. 

What I enjoy most about competing is...
Being able to go on stage and feel I've done everything I could to show my best. There was no calorie missed or cardio session not met. Then from there it's the posing, I feel posing is just as important as anything else. Being able to give back to the crowd for spending their money and time to come see all of us compete. 

The thing I hate most about stepping up onstage is...
Just the nerves. We are all nervous. But it's a excited nerves not bad nerves at all. 

The day I got my pro card, I...
The day I got my pro card I couldn't wait to hug my wife and share the moment with her; I could here her in the audience cheering. Then we planned to go eat... We deserved a good sit down meal after a long hard prep. 

The pros I most look forward to being onstage with are...
All of them. Competing with the current pros is a dream in itself. I'm a fan more so than a competitor. Just being on the same stage is awesome. I always take the time to talk to all pros backstage. Respect for your fellow competitor is what's it's all about. We have all done the hard work and put the time in to be where we are. Just having the ability to be called a IFBB Pro is good to me. 

The one thing every competing bodybuilder should know is...
Lifting heavy all the time isn't the best and only way. You have to listen to your body. This sport takes time. The more knowledge you know the better. 

One bodybuiding secret I discovered is...
No one knows everything about this sport. You should always be learning. The human body is evolving just as the numerous ways to eat/ train to be the best. Continue on your path with a strong drive and heart. Eat clean with high grade supps and you'll get to your goal in time. Kill It!