Our Product Development Process

5 Steps to Safe, High-Quality Supplements

Behind the scenes of every FUSION product is an extensive manufacturing process focused on purity and compliance. At each stage of the cycle, we ensure integrity and adherence to the strictest of standards. Why? Because we are committed to providing supplements that are clean, safe and effective. Here’s the journey our products take before making it to your home:

First and foremost, we develop products that people actually need and want. We are bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts ourselves, and have a good pulse on what’s important to fellow athletes. When we come up with a new product idea, it’s because we genuinely see a need for it. Once formulation has begun, we proceed with quality and care. All our products adhere to strict NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate) regulations, including providing proof of safety. 

So our formula is complete, and we’re excited to produce and package it. But first, we must submit our formula to Health Canada for approval. To be legally sold in Canada, all natural health products must have a product licence and be found safe and effective according to government stipulations. When our formula passes the test, we receive an eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN) to place on the label, verifying Health Canada’s approval.  

Next we come to our supplier search – finding qualified and trustworthy companies to supply our ingredients. This is a lengthy process, as all of our suppliers must undergo a rigorous supplier qualification processWith a reputable and certified supplier, we can be confident in the quality and identity of the materials provided to us; but just to be sure, we still test each and every ingredient for identity, purity and microbiological safety, before we use it to build FUSION products.

With our NPN certification and qualified supplier was chosen, it’s off to the races … Production, that is. This is an extensive stage that can take up to 180 days per product. Our production always takes place in Health Canada certified cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. This ensures every stage of the process is monitored and shown to meet all necessary quality control standards. 

At last, we’re almost ready to distribute our product. But before we can do that, our finished goods have to meet and or exceed rigorous quality and safety requirements.  This is where all of our upfront work pays off and we have the last check and approval over the product that goes out to you, our customersWeights, colours, consistencies, dosing, dissolution times, and more are all carefully checked against our strict product specifications to ensure they meet our quality standards.  When all these check out, microbiological testing is done as a final precaution on all products – without fail – to ensure they are free of any harmful pathogens (e-coli, or salmonella etc.)  and safe.  Only the best products make it to the store shelves with the FUSION name on them.