Sarah Rennick

CBBF National Level Bikini


Brockville, Ontario, Canada

June 18, 1991

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

5' 6 1/2"


128 lbs

135 lbs

Contest History

2014 – IFBB WORLDS- Was selected of 6 bikini competitors to represent Canada

2014 North Americans - 2nd Place

2014 CBBF Nationals - 4th Place

2014 OPA Natural Provincials - 2nd Place

2014 OPA Henderson Thorne Classic (Regional) - 2nd Place

2012 OPA Open Provincials - 2nd Place

2011 OPA Open Provincials - 7
th Place

OPA Ottawa Classic (Regionals) OVERALL 




The reason I started training is...
Going through my teens I was always concerned with body image issues. I was “skinny fat” constantly restricting calories and doing endless amounts of cardio. I had really lost sight of what health should be.

Growing up my family always ate very healthy and my parents were great at encouraging me in my journey as a competitive gymnast until my teenage years. My mom had actually been a bodybuilder in her 20's and still an avid weight lifter encouraged me to enter the weight room.
I then began tagging along with her to the gym in grade 11 during her training sessions. I slowly started to see my mindset shifting to what I wanted to look and feel like. Not only that but I truly fell in love with weights.
It was in my first year of university that I began to take note of the emerging bikini category in the back of an oxygen magazine realizing that this was going to be what I wanted to pursue. 

The person I most wanted to be when I started was...
I really looked up to Nicole Nagrani when I started- she was the reigning champ for bikini at the time and was a university student at 19 just like me. It was inspiring to see the balance she had and the impeccable package she would bring to the stage every time. 

The person I owe the most to is...
I owe so much to my mom. For introducing me to weights and for being my number one supporter in everything I do. 

The supplements I can't live without are...
SHUT•EYE - Especially during prep mode! I had a hard time shutting my mind down and this product has been key allowing me to get proper rest to recover my mind and body. 


PURPLE•K REPS - We all love that PK reps pump! :)

The best thing about training is...
EVERYTHING! There is nothing more satisfying to me than a workout. This is my time- no interruptions, no where else to be.. Just me and the weights. Runners say that they are able to let their mind go during a long run, for me it is during a weight session. My only focus is on muscle contraction. I wouldn't trade my weight training sessions for anything!

Two things I would change about competitions are...
Sometimes competitions can be a very long day! I would change the order so bikini was always first! ;)

My ultimate goal is...
My ultimate goal is to become and IFBB pro and grace the Olympia stage! In my pursuit I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and keep them motivated on their fitness journey's! 

Years Ive been training...

What I enjoy most about competing is...
I love show day- the adrenaline rush of stepping onstage. I love posing and seeing the package I spent months building finally come to life on stage. The people you meet through your journey are so incredible and inspiring as well.

The thing I hate most about stepping up onstage is...
The waiting game! Sometimes in a line up back stage for longer than expected the nerves can really kick in! I'm ready to get out there as soon as possible :)!

The day I got my pro card I...
Still waiting... But I can tell you it will involve some champagne and celebrations with my amazing friends, boyfriend and family who have been incredible through my journey so far. 

The pros I most look forward to being onstage with are...
Nathalia Melo- I saw this lady at the Olympia expo and was starstruck. 
Calie Bundy 
Ashley Kaltwasser 

The one thing every competing bodybuilder should know is...
I read this quote once that read “Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about” If bodybuilding is that to you never give up on it. We are all going to have down days. We are going to receive negative comments. People will try to shake you and tear you down for what you are doing. Some shows you will get placings you weren't expecting, sometimes you will feel disappointment. But at the end of the day if bodybuilding is your passion and your dream hold onto that. Some people spend their whole lives searching for their purpose, their passion. To have found that in this sport is such a beautiful thing. Hold onto that. 

One bodybuiding secret I discovered is...
That you cannot compare yourself to other people. No one is you! At the end of every show you need to ask yourself “Did I beat MY best” Do this for you and no one else.