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Keeps your bones & body strong 

  • Helps boost your immune system

  • Aids in bone & teeth development

  • Supports overall health


But first, wellness.

As an athlete, you work on your body every day. You exercise, eat right, and even do the mindset piece. If you’ve been at this for a while, you also know the importance of foundational wellness supplements – like vitamins C and D. Not only do they support overall strength and performance; they help keep you healthy on a holistic level so you can live your best life for years to come.

Foundational supplements for optimal health  

Our new Foundation Series goes back to basics to ensure you’re fueled with the good stuff. It’s simple, science-backed support to help you reach your daily fitness goals – in and out of the gym.   



Backed by our quality guarantee 

All Fusion supplements are batch-tested for quality and assurance, ensuring all label claims are true to their word. We are a proudly Canadian company, working since 1998 to bring you the best in muscle performance, science, and research. Stay tuned as we grow our Foundation Series with other staples designed to up-level your fitness.